THIS IS REAL: 50-Strong Gang Steals R105 Million Using Anti-Aircraft, Infrared Sights, Dynamite And Speedboats [Video]

Source: - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 This story explains why more and more movies start with the words ‘Based on a true story’ – because real life makes movie-land fairly trivial. Trump is a great example of that. And this story, about the ‘heist of the century’. This happened THIS WEEK, on Monday, amidst Brazil’s spiraling gang war . The gangsters hail from Brazil and the cross-border target – “using a degree of firepower usually reserved for wars” – was a Paraguayan security and police headquarters. They got their mitts on $8 million in cash and ESCAPED IN SPEEDBOATS! They reckon the gangsters are part of the First Capital Command: The First Capital Command (Primeiro Comando da Capital – PCC) was inspired by the Red Command (Comando Vermelho). Both criminal organizations [sic] were formed by prisoners as self-protection groups in Brazil’s brutal prison system. The PCC arose in São Paulo in the 1990s, and has fought a bloody ongoing feud with police in the city. The group, now the largest and best-organized criminal organization in Brazil, is believed to have members in two-thirds of the country’s states, and controls drug trafficking routes between Brazil, Bolivia, and Paraguay. [image source ] The Guardian goes into greater detail: Around 50 gangsters turned the city of Ciudad del Este into a battle zone for more than three hours early on Monday morning. Soon after midnight, they torched vehicles to block access roads into the police headquarters, which they the All Related

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