Donald Trump Thinking Of Pulling Out Of NAFTA, White House Tells U.S. Media

Source: - Wednesday, April 26, 2017 WASHINGTON — The White House is telling U.S. media that it's weighing a plan to pull out of NAFTA, upping the pressure on Congress to get cracking on negotiations under the threat of having the seminal trade deal obliterated. Various media say Trump is considering detonating the trade equivalent of a nuclear option: an executive order to withdraw from the trade agreement with Canada and Mexico, a prospect that would terrify industry and business-friendly lawmakers. Those same reports say Trump hasn't yet decided what to do. The White House is telling U.S. media that President Donald Trump is weighing a plan to pull out of NAFTA. (Photo: Yuri Gripas/Reuters) The online site Politico says he's looking at an executive order drafted by aides Steve Bannon and economic assistant Peter Navarro. CNN says he might simply go ahead with renegotiations, as originally planned. What's not at all clear is whether Trump is seriously considering a pullout, or merely using it as a threat. The leaks to media appeared to jolt markets. The Canadian dollar lost 0.25 cents by early afternoon, while the Mexican peso got hit harder, down almost two per cent by 1:45 p.m. ET. One trade expert views it as a negotiating tactic — a threat to Congress. "I think he is bluffing," said Canada-U.S. trade lawyer Mark Warner. "I think by threatening a nuclear option he is hoping to get Congress to speed up... (and) stop getting in the way. If there is an executive All Related

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